The Social Society

Social Society  is a community for creatives, entrepreneurs, business professionals and the socially conscious to collaborate, create, cultivate and innovate. We recognise that small businesses and creative entrepreneurs have big dreams and amazing aspirations with a limited budget for training, resources and business development programs. Social Society was established in 2017 and born to bridge the gap between your ideas and a profitable business and/or profile without breaking the bank! By joining the Social Society community you will not only be able to take part in our many programs, tutorials and one on one coaching but you will be promised guaranteed success and the power to meet, collaborate and grow with so many other inspiring individuals just like yourself.

In July, 2018 we had the opportunity to teach a Social Media Mastery Class in Bali as part of a Business Retreat for The Babes in Business. We were able to teach 46 amazing creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world in one room and help achieve; Social media understanding, strategy, building your brand story, brand aesthetic, finding your online community, hashtags, algorithm 101, tutorials on photo taking, editing and guaranteed growth with our proven and tested methods.

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