Muscle Republic

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We took on the rebrand and resurrection of Fitness Apparel Muscle Republic – a Sydney born brand with an amazing message. This client was among one of the most inspiring brands we have had the pleasure to work on! Their mission statement 〰️HEART IS THE REAL MUSCLE 〰️ motivating people of all shapes and sizes to live a happy and healthy life.

During our time with MSCR we were able to work with and secure brand collaborations with leading fitness and wellness representatives such as; Lauren Simpson, Kali Burns, Katie Williams, Robbie Frame & Lachie Brycki among many others! The social strategy we implemented introduced a game-changing growth for the brand that gave their followers value and fulfilment. Not only were we working with these amazing ambassadors to produce killer content, but we also gave our followers insight into our ambassador’s diet programs, favourite recipes, at-home workouts, tips on weight loss / building muscle, holistic remedies, health journeys and stories consistently lifting them up with daily motivation.

The biggest WIN for us during this contract was being able to see Muscle Republic stock their amazing range on The Iconic – Australia & NZ’s leading online fashion and sports retailer who at the time, had just launched their new sportswear sector @TheIconicSport. Client wins are what it is all about and why we do, what we do! Seeing Muscle Republic’s rise to success that still stands strong and knowing that we were apart of this journey has been so great to witness. You can check out their awesome range at:  

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