The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better 〰️ Book Launch

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On Wednesday the 9th of June, we celebrated the launch of The 'Bad' Girl's Guide To Better by Casey Beros at one of our favourite Sydney venues, Empire Lounge Sydney.

The room was sparkling and the sun was glistening over the beautiful harbour as though the universe was winking back at us. After months of preparation, we could not have asked for a more perfect day, or a more incredible guest list of awe-inspiring women (and men) who filled the room in support of Casey Beros – first time author, health journalist, TV presenter and absolute QUEEN!

Casey Beros The Bad Girl's Guide To Better

The room hummed with excitement and the sound of glasses clinking in every corner. Guests were welcomed with a Prosecco Spritz Cocktail and gathered in anticipation to discover their new ‘life bible’ – with a twist.  Much more than a book, The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better is a stealth-help guide for anyone who has ever failed, f*cked up or felt bad about themselves. It’s a bestie in a book that will help you break up with your ‘bad’ behaviours so you can live better. 

Working alongside author Casey Beros to bring this brand to life has been an absolute pleasure and an honour. Social Collective director Kaila Carroso had the opportunity to sit in conversation with Casey Beros to discuss all things ‘Bad Girls’. When asked about the journey and the ultimate driver of The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better, Casey explained –   “I’m sick of women feeling bad about themselves. Bad about their slip ups, their successes and the size of their pants“. 

With no Cosmo sealed section or Dolly Doctor any more, Casey holds young women’s hands and shows them the way to ‘better’, because she has been through it all and come out the other side. Casey Beros used to be a ‘bad’ girl. These days she is a wife, mum and a health journalist who has spent the past 15 years asking questions of our brightest minds on ways to live a happier, healthier life. She has learned to harness both her serious knack for evidence-based health journalism and her capacity to share her wildest stories (all while making people laugh), and dedicated her career to creating engaging, relatable content for women everywhere on everything to do with the obstacle courses of life.

Kaila describes her lessons from the book – “This book was like a big sister to me… some lessons made me cry but most of them made me snort for air with uncontrollable belly laughs. You spill some pretty unbelievable secrets in here that I was never expecting and something I am so grateful to have learned from you in this book is to not be ashamed of my “mistakes”. Thanks to you I now consider them to be “blessons” (blessings and lessons) that I will unapologetically carry with me through all my seasons.

Kaila Carroso Casey Beros Social Collective

All guests were gifted a goodie bag with incredible gifts from our friends at Daily Naturals, ESK Skincare and Seed Lip, as well as a beautiful single rose on departure as a reminder to “Love yourself. Buy yourself flowers and be your own BFF”.  Some of the special guests in attendance included; Samantha Jade, Lisa Messenger, Jack Vidgen, Nadia Fairfax, Noni Janur, Suzan Mutesi, Simone Holtznagel, Alexa Towersey among many more inspiring women and men. 

Samantha Jade Lisa Messenger Casey Beros

A big thanks to our partners at Pernod Ricard for supplying us with only the best beverages to ensure our guests were well hydrated throughout the entire event, Weekend Posy for the incredible floral arrangements + single rose for all of our guests, Empire Lounge Sydney for providing us with this breathtaking waterfront venue overlooking Sydney’s Harbour, Chris Prestidge for capturing these incredible moments and Casey Beros for keeping the room in both tears and stitches as only she can. 

We are still on such a high from celebrating the launch of The Bad Girl’s Guide To Better. You can grab your copy at all good book stores as well as Target, Big W or purchase online via Casey Beros’ shop, Booktopia and Amazon. 

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Empire Lounge Sydney
Pernod Ricard Social Collective
Kaila Carroso Noni Janur
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The Bad Girl's Guide To Better Book Launch
Pernod Ricard Social Collective

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